Affinity Groups

Clubs, societies and organisations can generate revenue by working with Magnet to provide specialist insurance products to their members.


"We work with our clients to find the best product options at the right price"

Magnet Insurance Services specialises in the design, administration, and marketing of bespoke insurance programmes for associations and affinity groups.

Our services help clients attract and retain members through stronger, more personal, and more relevant relationships.

We also:

  • Promote programmes and benefits to members
  • Develop and implement the most effective marketing programmes
  • Provide professional customer service
  • Perform all enrolment, transaction and billing functions
  • Act as a resource for participating members and serve as their advocates in finding answers.

Consulting Services

Because of the diverse and specialised nature, associations and affinity groups present unique situations and specialised needs. A full understanding of a group's overall goals is taken into consideration when designing an insurance programme. Magnet Insurance will make recommendations and design insurance schemes to create a comprehensive solution to meet those goals. Our services include:

  • Product/service evaluation
  • Demographic analysis
  • Needs assessment
  • Scheme design
  • Request for proposals
  • Carrier selection
  • Carrier negotiations
  • Member communications
  • Marketing

Administrative Services

Magnet Insurance is able to handle all administrative functions associated with the insurance scheme to ensure a rewarding, long-term relationship. Our administrative services include the following:

  1. Account Management - We oversee the day-to-day co-ordination of the insurance programmes and act as liaisons for our clients’ and the insurance underwriters. We know and understand the unique qualities of the programmes we manage and we work diligently on behalf of our clients to achieve programme goals with innovative, forward-thinking approaches.
  2. Marketing – Magnet Insurance Services deploys a unique marketing methodology to precisely target an organisation's members with customised product and service offerings. We create and execute progressive marketing plans that create true value for organisations and their members, maximising the marketing opportunities that lie within the programme. Our marketing capabilities employ:
    • A scalable infrastructure
    • A single data repository
    • Tools for extensive analysis and reporting
    • Analytical capabilities to understand the customer segments
    • Personalisation tools for relevant messaging
    • Measurement of results, trends, and penetration against goals

    Proven marketing strategies, sophisticated targeting techniques, customised offers and personalised communications become assets in a marketing solution that fits the broader needs of a client organisation, from member acquisition to building awareness.

  3. Customer Service - Perceptions about the quality of an insurance programme are often shaped by specific experiences with our staff on the other end of the line. Magnet Insurance provides a dedicated customer service and fulfilment function and are committed to responding to members' needs by answering inquiries quickly, accurately and courteously. We can respond to the full spectrum of inquiries, including:
    • Life event changes
    • Policy information
    • Account information
    • Problem resolution
    • Billing
    • Eligibility
  4. Claims Handling and Carrier Interface – Magnet Insurance Services works directly with scheme underwriters to facilitate timely and accurate underwriting. Our underwriting partners work with us to ensure that these two functions are supporting each other to maximise results for our client's insurance programme. We process claims data and handle the accounting and reconciliation, expediting claims processing and insurance payouts.

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